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Kids Nebulizers

A nebulizer is a device that helps in transforming liquid medicine into the form of mist thus making it easy to be inhaled by the lungs. Nebulizers are best for bedridden patients and for infants who are unable to take oral medication.

Nebulizer machines for kids are very useful as it provides them medication without any hassle. The nebulizer is good for coughing and gives instant relief. Choosing nebulizers for kids is also a difficult job as children or infants need something which is comfortable and does not cause any type of irritation.

Romsons Sami The Seal Compressor Nebulizer Machine

At Romsons also, we have specially curated nebulizers which can be easily used by kids and is safe. Romsons Sami The Seal Compressor Nebulizer Machine supports aerosol therapy and is flexible for multiple usages. It provides faster medication therapy, is efficient, and helps is providing economical delivery of drugs.

Romsons Aero Mist Nebulizer Mask For Child

The unique convex cone design of the nebulizer makes it very comfortable and ensures the complete usage of the medicine. This nebuliser has feathered edges making it irritation free around the nose. The design is specially made for children and gives a better fit at a small face.

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