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N95 Face Mask
  • Kare Masks:
    Romsons kare masks are N95 masks that provide better filtration from bacteria and as the name suggests the mask provides protection from both large and small airborne particles. Ideal for Doctors, Surgeons, Paramedical Personnel, Laboratory Workers, etc. With valve-free construction, Kare Masks can also be used by the general population.

  • Kids Reusable Masks:
    Romsons N95 reusable face mask for kids are specially designed to protect children from probable respiratory ailments and allergies originating from the polluted air in the cities and common allergens like pollen in the environment. These masks have a 3 layer filtration technology which ensures the best protection. Efficiently filters the atmospheric particulate matter 0.3µ and defends it against haze, invisible killers like bacteria/ viruses, automobile exhaust fumes, dust-mites, and volatile chemicals.

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  1. Romsons Reusable Face Mask for kids
    Romsons Reusable Face Mask for kids
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