Adult Care

Live Carefree & Confidently with Dignity Our motive is to help our adults navigate through life happy & worry-free. Our incontinence range consists of adult diapers, light inco pads, disposable mats, adult wipes & much more. Let’s Fight a Leaky Bladder, Together!

Mother & Baby Care

As Pure As A Mother’s Touch Nurturing, Safe and Doctor Trusted products for you and your little one. Choose from a wide range of baby and mother care products. Happy Motherhood to You!

Mask Up, Mask Right.

Wearing a mask doesn’t have to be uncomfortable . Our Comfit 3D Face Masks is a well-fitting mask that provides a comfortable experience with complete protection. Let’s make a difference together!

Doctor Trusted Healthcare Essentials

Romsons is committed to providing high-quality, Doctor Trusted products to our customers. Buy nothing but the best. Browse through our wide range of quality hygiene & healthcare products. Why settle for less when you can have the best!

Get. Set. Go

Romsons Orthocare range offers a comprehensive line of high quality products that facilitates an easy and speedy recovery. Let’s heal with ease!

Romsons is a one-stop destination for all your essential medical needs, we guarantee you must-haves you need to stock at home for general well-being and a healthy living.

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Why Romsons

With Manufacturing Excellence of 70+ Years, Romsons is a name that Doctors trust. It is a one-stop shop for all your Medical & Health Care needs at most affordable prices.

Best Quality Products

High quality standards are followed in our state of the art manufacturing facilities to provide nothing but the best to you.

Best Health Care

The company provides top quality products with greatest precision in the field of Health Care.

Trusted Since 1952

Since its inception in 1952, Romsons has gained the trust of the medical fraternity as well as the general population.

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What Can You Buy From Romsons?

Romsons is a one-stop destination for all your essential medical needs. With a wide variety of product range to offer, we guarantee you must-haves you need to stock at home for general well-being and a healthy living.

Adult Diapers

Adult Diapers are one of the most commonly used products by both men and women suffering from urinary incontinence or bowel incontinence. Incontinence may result from old age, mobility impairment, any underlying medical condition, accident, or a cognitive disorder. However, with their growing popularity and awareness, adult diapers are no longer confined to hospitals or nursing homes but are increasingly being used at homes as well. Higher absorption capacity for longer hours makes them ideal to use throughout the day and night.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes or a wet towel is crafted usually from non-woven or bamboo fabric. Predominantly used to cleanse a baby, these are now largely being used by adults to maintain personal hygiene as well as household cleaning. Look through our range of adult wipes, baby wipes, surface cleansing and hand cleansing wipes that are effective in killing around 99% Bacteria & Viruses.


Underpads also known as Chux, are super absorbent sheets designed to protect multiple surfaces such as mattresses, linens, sofas, etc., from urine/fluid damage. Underpads usually come with a quilted pattern that helps in rapid fluid distribution and absorption.

Face Mask

Face Mask is a protective mask used to cover the nose and mouth from the spread of Bacteria or Viruses shed in droplets and aerosols. Depending on their functionality, these are crafted with a non-woven fabric and melt-blown filter with a 99% Bacteria Filtration Efficiency. Wearing a mask is imperative to protect oneself from viruses as well as pollution.

Baby Care

Choosing the best for one’s baby is what every parent strives for. Shop through our range of baby wipes and baby mats crafted to provide a better hygiene experience for your little one. Our wipes are clinically approved and are 100% Alcohol & Paraben-Free.

Women Care

Women’s Care and Hygiene is of the utmost importance to ensure healthy living. Explore from our range of unisex Adult Diapers that can effectively be used by women as well to manage incontinence or a leaky bladder. We also offer Light Incontinence Pads crafted especially for women with a light incontinence problem. Our Maternity Pads are ideal to be used by new moms during heavy postnatal bleeding or at any time in life.

Blood Pressure Monitor

BP or a blood pressure monitor is the equipment used to measure blood pressure in the body. A built-in memory function helps you keep a record of your past readings.

Kids Nebulizers

A nebulizer is a device that helps in transforming liquid medicine into the form of mist, thus making it easy to be inhaled by the lungs. Nebulizers come in very handy, especially for kids, to avoid giving them any oral medication.