5 Practices To Follow To Maintain Adult Hygiene During Winters

Warning: Extreme Cold Weather Outside! Winters have tested our limits and with the constant drop in temperatures, they might continue to do so. The ones most troubled by this are our senior citizens whose bodies can only take so much of this weather. Old age comes with its own set of challenges and on top of that, winters can really take a toll on a person irrespective of their age.

Even if you are in the safety of your homes, chances of falling prey to the cold are still quite high. In such nerve-wrenching and jittering cold weather, maintaining hygiene becomes more and more important. Usually senior adults feel colder than us, so it becomes essential to take proper care and keep them safe and hygienic during the winters.

Maintaining Adult Hygiene During Winters

A drop in temperature may trigger problems such as leaky bladder, dry skin, frost bites, and so on. Hygiene should not be compromised in such scenarios. Therefore, we have listed down a few practices one can follow to help maintain adult hygiene during winters:

  • Adult Diapers for Safety and Comfort - Leaky bladder is a common problem associated with constant drop in temperatures. Especially in winters when leakage becomes frequent and controlling the urge can prove to be rather difficult, adult diapers are one of the most commonly sought-after products to tackle the problem of incontinence. They are designed to provide leakage protection for long hours with varying absorption capacities to suit individual needs. Dignity Adult Diapers are India’s No.1 and most trusted adult diapers. Easy to wear and dispose of, Dignity Adult Diapers are the first choice of patients as well as caregivers.
  • Extra Protection for Chilly Nights - On chilly nights, problems like incontinence can bring extreme discomfort to people. When the temperatures start to drop, extra protection is especially required. Underpads are thus used as an additional layer of protection to keep multiple surfaces like beds, linens, sofas, etc. safe from urine leakage/bowel leakage. In some cases where the problem of incontinence is not too rampant but there could be an accidental urine leakage every now and then, caregivers  prefer to use chux pads instead of adult diapers. Dignity Mattey Underpads are super absorbent, disposable underpads that are designed to protect mattresses and linens from any kind of fluid damage.
  • Alternate Between Bathing and Body Wipes - For senior adults, bathing daily could not only prove to be a hassle but also add to the constant drying of skin and loss of moisture. It’s important to clean one’s body daily to get rid of sweat, germs, bacteria or grime if any. However, bathing daily doesn’t necessarily have to be the only way out during these harsh winters. Every once in a while using a body wipe for cleansing can prove to be effective. They are especially recommended to adults with limited mobility since it saves them from the hassle of bathing. Wet wipes usually are enriched with Vitamin E that provides necessary moisture to the skin. While opting for body cleansing wipes for adults, opt for Spongee Soft Body Cleansing Wipes. Enriched with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E, Spongee Wet Wipes for adults help in effectively cleansing the body while maintaining  moisture and pH balance of the skin.
  • Safety and Comfort - Wearing face masks is not just a necessity nowadays, but has become a way of life. Always wear a protective face mask when stepping out or while meeting people visiting your home. Often the face masks available in the market end up hurting our ears. However, safety doesn’t have to come with such a painful price. Romsons face masks are crafted from latex-free hypoallergenic fabric; their ear loops made from non-woven fabric make them India’s favorite face masks.
  • Multipurpose Surface Cleansing Wet Wipes - Cleaning the spaces we live in regularly is essential but with the growing threat of the virus, it may not be enough. Multi-purpose surface cleansing wet wipes are now largely being used since these come in quite handy and effective in killing bacteria and viruses. Opt for Dignity Sparklean Multipurpose Surface Cleansing Wipes that help in getting rid of germs, dirt, grime and end up killing 99% of Bacteria and Viruses. Use them to clean surfaces like furniture, gadgets, door handles, elevator buttons and so on.

The chances of senior adults catching a cold, flu, or infections are pretty high during winters since they are vulnerable to the cold weather. Maintaining good hygiene becomes essential to avoid adding on to their vulnerability. 

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