5 Reasons Why Lumbar Support Belts Are Effective In Relieving Back Aches

5 Reasons Why Lumbar Support Belts Are Effective In Relieving Back Aches

Among many problems we face, back pain seems to be the most common and most underrated. While many cases of back pain are caused due to past injuries, birth disorders, etc; people nowadays increasingly face back pain due to an improper lifestyle or a bad posture as well. The maximum weight of the upper body is supported by the lumbar region in our back, hence, it feels the maximum impact.

Lumbar support belts are worn around the lower back area of the body. The belt is especially designed to deliver sturdy support with minimal lumbar movement, and thereby, stabilizing the lumbar against spasms, sprains & disc problems. A lumbar support belt is recommended by physicians when a person suffering from moderate to severe back ache. This applies pressure on the intra-abdominal area and keeps the back upright, aiding in its healing.

How effective are Lumbar Support Belts to relieve backaches?

Lumbar support belts are usually recommended by physicians to help stabilize your lower back. These belts can prove to be really effective in neutralizing the pain and strengthening the spinal muscles in the long run.

1. Added Spinal Support:

When the lower back is unstable due to pain, injury, or weakened spinal structures, the back support belt provides added stability. It holds the torso steady and supports the spine to ensure a quick recovery and prevent any future injuries.

2. Lowers Pressure on Vertebral Structure:

The lumbar support belt reduces the impact on the spine’s joints, disc, and muscles by controlling some of the weight normally placed on the lower back. It lessens the pain caused due to muscle tension by lowering spinal pressure.

3. Limits Micro-Movements between Spinal Segments:

The back support belt is designed in a way that limits the micro-movements on particular spinal or vertebral segments, thereby reducing pain resulting from irritated joints or muscle tension. 

4. Limits Range of Motion during Recovery:

Movements like twisting or bending the spine, forward, backward, or to the side can be painful. Hence, restricting these movements is necessary to prevent the person from experiencing further pain or injury. The belt provides sturdy support to the lumbar region of the body, thus, limiting its range of motion during recovery.

5. Reduces Pain & Improves Body Posture:

Wearing a lumbar support belt helps maintain a proper body posture. When wearing the belt slouching is out of option since the sturdy material of the belt keeps the back straight. Lumbar support belts are designed to stabilize the pain-stricken area and provide quick relief from discomfort.

With all these benefits, wearing a lumbar support belt becomes imperative for a smooth recovery and maximum comfort. 

Romsons Lumbo Sacral Belt is exactly what you need. It is designed to stabilize and support the lower back area and provide relief from any pain or discomfort. The belt with its flexible splints and double pull mechanism helps take the shape of your body, and allows you to carry your daily routine activities easily. Moreover, the extra porous fabric engineering guarantees maximum air circulation, keeping the user dry and comfortable.

However, to avoid dependability, it is recommended to avoid wearing the belt at all times.

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