5 Reasons You Should Switch to WEE Smart, Female Urination Device

5 Reasons You Should Switch to WEE Smart, Female Urination Device

Did you know women are more likely to develop a UTI than men? Are you also facing the conundrum to pee or not to pee in a public restroom?

With the growing awareness on personal hygiene and the uncertainties followed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Female Urination Devices (FUDs) are becoming more and more popular amongst women of all age groups. Though there is not enough data to support how contagious are these droplets in promoting the spread of Covid-19, but it is always better to not sit or even squat over someone else’s waste. 

UTIs are not just limited to using dirty public toilets but can also happen due to prolonged holding of urine. It thus becomes imperative to use a disposable funnel device that gives women the confidence to stand-and-pee without the risk of any overflows or device collapse as experienced with the non-sturdy paper urination funnels. Listed below are a few reasons why one should switch to WEE Smart Urination Funnels:

Easy to CarryLightweight and compact, WEE Smart is easy to carry while on the go. It takes minimum space in the bag and comes with a reusable pouch, making it extremely safe and hygienic to use and carry around.

Hypoallergenic: Crafted from a hypoallergenic, BPA-Free medical grade polymer, WEE Smart is extremely safe even on the most sensitive of skins. It helps prevent any skin rashes or allergies.

Spill-Proof: Crafted from a sturdy polymer, WEE Smart gives you the freedom to stand and pee without the risk of overflow or device collapse as experienced with its paper counterparts.

Prevents Urinary Tract Infections: Safe and Hygienic to use, WEE Smart avoids the risk of catching UTIs by using unknown and unsanitary public facilities. Crafted for one time use, these urination funnels can be disposed of after every use. This reduces the risks of catching infections further.

Extremely Useful: Wee Smart is increasingly being used by women across all age groups. It comes in handy for pregnant women or those suffering from joint pains, arthritis, etc. Hover-peeing is not a good option to exercise and is not always full-proof to empty the bladder completely. WEE Smart can also be used on airports, offices, schools, while travelling, camping, etc.


Ladies, now exercise your right to stand and pee with WEE Smart, a disposable female urination device crafted especially for women to make peeing in public areas safer and easier. Hypoallergenic and extremely safe on sensitive skin, WEE Smart gives you the confidence to pee without the risk of any leakage, overflow or device collapse. No more sitting, no more squatting, no more loading unsanitary toilet seats with tonnes of paper. Bid goodbye to UTI, Say hello to Hygiene with WEE Smart. To buy, Click Herehttps://bit.ly/38VcjYq

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