Advantages of Dignity Poochie Baby Wipes

We all know that your baby means the world to you! But what about knowing what your baby’s cleansing needs? How can you clean your baby’s delicate skin without messing up with the skin’s pH levels? Yes, your baby is a little miracle but his/her cleaning is not! All your bundle of joy needs is gentle yet efficient cleansing. Gone are the days when parents used water and washcloth for cleansing purposes. While water isn’t effective enough in maintaining the healthy pH of your baby’s skin, washcloths create excessive friction against your baby’s skin and cause rashes and allergies besides causing discomfort and irritation.

That’s when the Dignity Poochie Biodegradable Baby Wipes come to the rescue! These superior-quality baby wipes from the house of Romsons are dermatologically tested and hence are safe to be used on your baby’s skin. Since the Dignity baby wipes are made of 100% bio-degradable bamboo fabrics, they provide complete protection to your baby against allergies, irritations, as well as rashes.

Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, Poochie baby wipes offer gentle cleaning and moisturization for your little one’s delicate skin thereby preventing dryness. Moreover, it makes your baby feel fresh and cheerful for a long period of time. These baby wipes by Romsons are 100% alcohol and paraben free and have a pure water-based formulation that makes them absolutely safe, hygienic and skin-friendly for your baby.

Romsons Poochie Biodegradable Baby Wipes are pH balanced, which means that they help restore the natural pH of your baby’s skin. These eco-friendly and non-synthetic baby wipes come with a soft but thick grip texture and a protective cover that ensures that the cleansing process remains as gentle as possible but beneficial at the same time. It also helps lock the wetness for a little longer duration.

Dignity Poochie Baby Wipes serve multiple uses. They are not only perfect for cleansing and moisturizing your baby's delicate skin after every diaper change but are also ideal for cleaning your baby's face, hands and other body parts throughout the day or even while travelling.

Dignity Poochie Biodegradable Baby Wipes have been exclusively designed to meet your baby’s cleansing needs. They help in retaining the suppleness of your baby’s sensitive skin and thus are safe for regular use. As these baby wipes have a compact packaging, they can be easily carried in your purse or in a diaper bag.

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