All that you need to know about Romsons Microgen Junior/Kid Nebuliser

As a parent, you are always particular about your child’s health and needs. A sign as little as a slight cough is enough to set your over-anxious and over-protective mode on. But, if your child shows symptoms of respiratory disorders like asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD, you will have to get a nebuliser for your child. Romsons Microgen Junior/Kid Nebuliser is one of the best paediatric nebulisers for providing breathing assistance to kids.

What is a nebuliser?

A nebuliser is a device that turns liquid medicine (can also be an antibiotic) into mist. The nebuliser is usually connected to a machine that pushes the air through the nebuliser which in turn helps convert the medicine into mist. Upon inhaling, the mist of the medicine gets into the patient's lungs.

What is Nebulisation?

Nebulisation is a kind of a treatment which involves directly administering the medication through the nebuliser to be inhaled by an individual through a nebulisation mask so that it reaches the body easily and is absorbed quickly for an immediate effect. It is highly beneficial in providing assistance in breathing and hence is also known as breathing treatment or nebuliser treatment.

Romsons Microgen Junior/Kid Nebuliser

Romsons Microgen Nebuliser for Kids is a superior quality, compact nebuliser that has been specifically designed for children who require treatment for cough, wheezing, COPD, bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory disorders. It’s a compact, aero-comfort mask with an easy-to-handle design and a one-touch operation.

Romsons Junior Nebuliser comes with 2 pieces – a silicon-cushioned child mask for a firm seal and better comfort on the facial angles and a thermal protector which makes the nebuliser heat-resistant.

The working mechanism of the Romsons Junior Nebuliser lets the medication get atomized into fine particles faster, thereby reaching the respiratory tract more effectively with an air flow of less than 5 litres per minute through the filter cotton. Its one-button operation ensures that the quality and safety standards for kids are completely taken care of.

The Romsons nebuliser for kids produces low noise and its compressor has a cartoon fish appearance which makes it appealing to kids.

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