All that you want to know about Romsons Respirometer - Lung & Breathing Exerciser

Do you usually experience shortness of breath while climbing a flight of stairs? Or, does going for long walks exhaust you? How many of you know whether you breathe to your lung’s full capacity or not? The answer is, not many of us! And, that’s the reason as to why you need lung/breathing exercisers. Lung exercisers, also known as respirometers help you expand your lungs to their natural capacity so that your lungs begin working perfectly.

What is a respirometer?

A respirometer is a device that measures the rate of a person’s respiration by calculating the rate of exchange of oxygen and/or carbon dioxide.

Romsons Respirometer - Lung & Breathing Exerciser

The Romsons Respirometer Spirometer is a 3-sphere lung and breathing exerciser that works on an innovative system of exercising respiration through stimulation/inhalation. Designed with 3 stage chambers, it provides more efficient exercise to the patient on a step-up basis. Romsons Respirator can be used by both, adults and children for increasing their lung volume and strengthening their respiratory muscles.

This device is composed of a base and a central part that is divided into three transparent and well-calibrated chambers containing three small spheres. Its main body is transparent while the spheres are of Red, Yellow and Blue colour that connect the tube with the mouthpiece. While the chambers provide an accurate estimation of a person’s exercise capacity, the 3 spheres rise proportionately to the inhalation (inspiration) exerted by the user.

This respirometer by Romsons is effective in improving the degenerative effects of the neuromuscular diseases on the respiratory system. It not only helps in better oxygenation but also helps to develop and maintain your respiratory fitness. Being portable, Romsons Lung & Breathing Exerciser is convenient to handle and use and can be easily carried or/and moved.

Romsons Respirometer - Lung & Breathing Exerciser has been innovatively designed which makes its disassembling easy for effortless cleaning and disinfection. Romsons Lung & Breathing Exerciser is highly recommended in restoring and maintaining the lung capacity of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) patients during the post-operative ambulation.

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