Ankle Wrap - All You Need To Know

Ankle wrap

A sprained ankle can be irritating as much as it is painful. It could be a ligament injury or sprain that restricts your movement. To prevent swelling and stabilise the joint while the ligaments heal, you may need an Ankle Wrap. It is basically a tape or a band or a strap that can provide support to the ankle region. Ankle Wrap provides you an unforgettable experience in terms of convenience

Ankle wrap is all about providing relief so the material used for its construction should be of high quality. Rubber and spandex ensure elasticity and provide controlled compression to treat your Ankle sprain/pain. Material used in the making of Ankle wrap makes it aesthetically pleasing.

There are usually two types of Ankle Wraps - Lace-Ups and Hinged. Structural orientation of these two vary though they provide similar comfort. 

Lace-Ups: These are formed in a boot shaped manner with laces to tighten up as per your individual needs. Some have multiple straps to wrap around the ankle while others may not have the straps. These are widely used by athletes to prevent any injury.  Due to its specific design, it provides a hold to the Ankle region and a complete hassle free experience. 

Hinged: Strategically, these are further divided into two categories.

Simple Hinged - These are made up of semi-rigid plastic and are internally cushioned.These protect our hinge-joint so their structure looks like the ankle region. Straps are also attached to wrap around. 

Hinged Cuffs - Some of these are semi-rigid and some have flexible shells.These are made up of thermoplastic resins which assures flexibility. These are built up in the shape of ‘cuffs’.

An ankle wrap is not only used to prevent swelling but also helps treat the sprain and ligament fracture. It also enables a person with ankle injury to walk without pain or less pain. 

You may need to use an ankle wrap for 2 to 6 weeks, based on your injury and healing speed. It all depends on the type of injury you have. You can consult with the physician before wearing an ankle wrap and see what type is needed for your injury. If you are using it as a rehabilitative support, you should keep it on while performing any daily activities or while exercising. It lessens the chances of re-injury in the same area apart from protecting the ankle from getting injured in the first place.

Design and Material are the key components of the wrap to make it effective. An Ankle Wrap has a straight textured structure which has two folds. After unboxing the wrap, take one fold of the wrap on the ankle (leg side portion) and fold in an 8-shaped structure  with support of the sole (bottom of foot). By folding this way your heel will be left open. Connect both the ends with the velcro to achieve your custom fit.

Once you are done, the wrap should be firm enough to keep your ankle in place but not too tight to make it uncomfortable or restrict blood flow. Extra tightness can hamper the healing process while a loose wrap cannot save your ankle from re-injury/injury.


Advantages Of Using An Ankle Wrap

Ankle Stabilisation: Ankle wrap is helpful in decreasing the recovery time. By keeping it at the right place, it helps the muscles or the ligaments to build themself again. It provides protection to the ankle from being jolted and promotes stabilisation of the ankle and foot.

Healing: Our body joints are very prone to wear and tear. An ankle is a hinge-type joint; the extremely sensitive one. Ankle takes the weight of the entire body while running, walking and jogging. Age is also a factor in ankle sprain or injury. Ligaments are more prone to get ruptured in old age. By the support of an ankle wrap, muscles strengthen themselves and heal.

Proactive Solution: Ankle wrap is also used as a proactive solution but it can't guarantee you safety. Fitness freaks wear an ankle wrap during their workouts to protect the ankle from injury.

Swelling Reduction: Usually the swelling is due to the flow of blood and water at the conjunction area of the ankle, the compression of the wrap can also help decrease the swelling. It makes walking around easier and less painful.

As mentioned before, an ankle wrap is necessary not only to prevent your ankle region from further wear and tear but also to promote a speedy recovery of an already going injury. Nowadays, an ankle wrap is widely being used for rehabilitation purposes by athletes as well as the elderly. In today’s day and age when speed is the need of the hour, daily activities like running and working out (especially lifting weights) may sometimes make you vulnerable to twisting your ankle, an ankle wrap in such cases is sought as a quick solution.

Romsons specialises in Ankle wraps that are endowed with a unique velcro closure and an open-heel design to provide perfect fitting around the ankle allowing easy application and removal. Aesthetically pleasing, Romsons ankle wraps can be worn comfortably for long hours. Their controlled compression provides just the right amount of compression needed to provide relief to the affected area. Figure of eight provides maximum protection and support around the ankle improving stability and preventing further injuries. Romsons Ankle support wrap is available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra-Extra Large sizes to suit your individual needs.

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