Anti Bedsore Air Mattress for the Bedridden

If you have a bedridden adult at home it is important to ensure proper hygiene and comfort levels to avoid bed sores. It is advisable to skip using regular mattresses and switch to air mattresses to prevent bedsores.

When we consider the elderly or persons with disabilities or illnesses that require them to spend a lot of time in bed, we cannot overlook the benefits of using an anti-bedsore mattress.

Anti Bedsore Air Mattresses are designed for those with pressure ulcers (also known as bed sores). Anti-bedsore mattresses are medical devices that prevent wounds from forming as a result of friction or rubbing. You can avoid excessive skin crushing caused by protracted hospital stays by utilizing them, as well as occlusion of the subcutaneous capillaries, which can cause edema or necrosis.

Now, before we jump ahead, let us tell you what exactly are bedsores that these mattresses are needed for. 

Bedsores occur when an individual spends prolonged periods in the same position, and typically occur in those with restricted mobility and/or poor skin integrity. One of the drawbacks of a prolonged hospital stay is the possibility of developing ulcers in the skin, deeper layers of the skin, or, in the most severe cases, muscles and bones.

Based on the level of severity of the ulcers, they can be classified into four different categories or more aptly stages indicating the severity.

Level 1 is the lowest level with lower risk. The bedsores classified in this stage are close to the state of inflammation. Mind you, even with ‘low risk’ the individual still needs special care and attention.

Level II comes with a moderate risk of identifying ulcers in this stage affecting the deeper layers of the dermis. Special attention while choosing the beddings and treatment becomes fundamental in trying to resolve bedsores. “Moderate risk” individuals with limited mobility, need special attention as regards the posture and moisture conditions.

Level III is the high-risk level. The third level involves ulcers that render an individual very limited mobility and autonomy, are exposed to the risk of friction and slipping during movements, and require constant attention to the moisture conditions of the skin.

Level IV indicates the highest level of severity. Individuals with very high risk require constant assistance with movements and maintaining posture and managing the moisture conditions.

For the prevention and treatment of level I bed sores, air-bubble mattresses that are placed on top of a standard mattress are recommended. They must be attached to a compressor to regulate the pressure based on the patient's weight. They are inflated and deflated alternately when in use, and can give a subtle massage.

The most appropriate resting solution for our loved ones is to get an air mattress that can reduce pressure and friction between skin and mattress, improve body sweating by lowering moisture, and preserve proper posture.

Some other common benefits of using these anti bedsore air mattresses involve:

  1. One of the best benefits of using these air mattresses is that you can custom choose the firmness level according to your needs. You can opt for keeping it firm or softening the mattress during or after every use.
  2. With the option of being able to adjust the firmness level of the mattress as per your need, you are also relieved from the back pain in the process. This has to be one of the very important benefits these mattresses have to offer.
  3. Next, these mattresses are crafted from PVC material which keeps the mattress odor-free. It also doesn’t develop any unpleasant odor with continuous use.
  4. These mattresses, without doubt, can last longer than your regular beds if used properly. Their mobility adds further to their charm.

It is crucial to get the right type of mattresses for the right grade of bedsore to maximize patient comfort. Hence, we recommend Romsons Anti Bedsore Air Mattresses.

Romsons Range of Anti Bedsore Air Mattresses is lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use air mattresses that effectively prevent bedsores. It is crafted from Medical Grade material which is very comfy on the skin and prevents the risk of developing any skin rashes or irritation. Its seamless, durable, and waterproof design ensures minimum spillage. The mattress can be cleaned & disinfected easily. 

These air mattresses are constructed to fit all bed frames, and the back hook design of the air pump helps take less space while making it easier to operate. The anti-bedsore air mattress relieves pain by alternating pressure distribution with its automatic inflation and deflation feature.

Apart from these, there is some unconventional usage of these air mattresses:

  1. Can be used by the general public for good sleep.
  2. Can be used as temporary guest beds especially when it is a full house.
  3. Can be moved around the house as required owing to its mobility. 

It is safe to conclude that anti bedsore air mattresses are an excellent choice for bedridden adults as well as the general public struggling with back pain or other sleep-related issues. You may never know if it works for you until you try it for yourself.


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