Best Anti-Pollution Face Masks with Activated Carbon for Kids

Pollution is a bitter reality today! With the deteriorating AQI, everybody’s health is at stake with each passing day. But children are far more vulnerable to the ill effects of air pollution. Indoor air pollution can be tackled by switching on the air-purifier for the entire day/night but what about the time when your child remains outside or when he/she steps out of the school? You can’t stop your child from going outside but you can certainly provide him/her with optimum protection via anti-pollution face masks for kids. The market is full of such masks for children.

Vritraz Kids PM2.5 Anti-Pollution Dust Mask, N95 Carbon Activated Respirator Face Mouth Mask with Breathing Valve and Replaceable Filter
This anti-pollution mask covers the mouth and face of your child and effectively filters out air pollutants, dust and other gaseous particles. It can not only be used while going outdoors but also when you are inside an air-conditioned room. Comfortable and warm, this mask is easy to wash and wear.

Romsons Anti-Pollution Face Mask with Activated Carbon for Kids - PM 0.3 - Pack Of 5
This anti-pollution mask for kids by Romsons is made of nanofiber material with non-return valve. It works on a 3-Layer Filter Technology with a 95% filtration efficiency to effectively filter the particulate matter 0.3µ and safeguard against bacteria/virus, dust, haze automobile exhaust fumes and volatile chemicals. Its composite design, boat-shaped panel along with chin pocket offer a large breathing area. This Romsons mask comes in a re-closable zip pouch

PureMe Kids Reusable and Washable Anti PM2.5 Mask with 4 PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filters
This mask by PureMe Kids will protect your child from dust, automobile gases and even minute air particles including PM 2.5. The pack comprises 4 activated carbon filters that can be replaced when dirty and the cotton mask is purely washable.

Popo Colorful Kids dustproof Anti-Pollution Smoke Protection Cotton Mouth face mask and Respirator

Popo Colourful Kids dustproof Anti-Pollution Smoke Protection Cotton Mouth face mask and Respirator proves to be one of the best anti-smoke, anti-dust and anti-pollution masks for your child. It’s highly comfortable and soft on your little one’s skin.

Respokare Anti-Pollution Mask - Kids
The Respokare mask has been designed to filter 98% of PM2.5 Equipped with the NO2 indicator system that permits easy identification of the level of NO2 in air, this mask is really potent.

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