Bubble Mattress: Need, Uses & Benefits

The features and quality of air mattresses might differ from each other depending upon the quality, price, comfort, and usage. Standard versions that give a minimal degree of comfort are available, but you can also get truly high-end air bubble bed mattresses that offer diverse air pressures and motions all around the mattress for a better and more comfortable experience.

What is a Bubble Mattress used for?

When a patient is laying on the mattress for an extended amount of time, bedsores may occur; moreover, he may be too sick, crippled, or hospitalized to move, exercise, or even walk. The primary cause of bedsores is the constant pressure that is placed on certain body areas, along with other factors including dampness.

The main purpose of air mattresses or bubble bed mattresses is to shield patients, individuals, and people from pressure sores. In many aspects of healthcare, pressure is a major problem, but it is especially important for older patients who spend a lot of time sitting or lying down. Decubitus ulcers are the name for these pressure injuries. 

When the skin and subcutaneous tissues are deprived of oxygen, pressure ulcers and sores occur. When we're in the same position for several hours every day, it's simpler for blood flow to drop to those locations, especially in our boney body parts such as the back of the head, heels, the back, and the elbows.

 Our skin cells receive less oxygen as the blood flow declines. As a result, the skin cells start to deteriorate and pressure sores develop in their place. Air bed of bed sores are used to help people, patients get relief from decubitus ulcers.

How do Bubble Mattresses help in preventing Bed Soreness?

Bubble mattress or air bed mattress are often known as anti-decubitus mattresses. Bubble mattresses can be used to avoid bed sores if used properly. The air really prevents pressure buildups by employing various oscillations and patterns. As a result, this prevents pressure injuries from developing and encourages improved blood circulation in the body's most sensitive regions.

It is designed primarily to protect the person's muscles from sustained pressure in the same position over time in order to prevent bedsores. Due to its durability, it is ideal for both home and hospital use. The product is very long-lasting and considerably helpful in preventing bedsores.

 How to use an Air Mattress for Bedsores?

The air mattress or bubble mattress should be unfolded and placed such that the connections are on the foot side of a foam mattress to be connected.

Air ducts should be connected to the air compressors on one end and the air bed on the other to properly install all the attachments.

Use the air compressor to release the air into the bubble mattress to expand it. It usually takes about 7 to 10 minutes for the bubble mattress to expand. 

To release the air and to repack the air bubble mattress when not being used, apply pressure on the mattress from the opposite side of the mattress. 

Who is most vulnerable to pressure ulcers?

People who are forced to spend time on their bed, people who are bedridden, and people who are unable to adjust or change their posture while lying in bed are the most vulnerable to pressure injuries. 

Furthermore, since the skin of aged people and adults are more brittle and prone to breakdown, aged people are more vulnerable to pressure ulcers. 

What are the uses of a Bubble Mattress?

A bubble mattress is used to perform treatments like pressure relief and pressure redistribution.

Pressure Relief

High-pressure areas of the body are targeted by pressure relief in bubble air mattresses, which lowers the pressure there and helps reduce or treat the bed sore. A pressure relief procedure can be used to treat high-pressure areas of our body while lying on a bed such as elbows, calves, and shoulder blades. The air pressure can be controlled to reduce the pressure on body parts affected by the high pressure.

Foam is frequently included in Anti-decubitus mattresses that provide good pressure relief. This increases the patient's comfort and flexibility when using the air bubble mattress for an extended period of time.

Pressure Redistribution

Pressure redistribution technique is used to decrease or prevent the chance of pressure ulcers developing on rigid or boney parts of the patient’s body. This method is used to redistribute the weight of a patient’s body over a large surface area using an air bubble mattress.

To lessen the risk of harm over an extended period of time, air mattresses conform to the contour of the patient’s body and deflate the air cells in places that are under increased pressure while distributing the weight of the patient over a large surface area. Low-pressure treatment is among the finest ways to redistribute pressure to help treat pressure ulcers and bed sores.

Where to buy a Bubble Mattress?

Romsons are one of the best, doctor trusted companies of bubble air mattresses and offer a wide range of quality products. Romsons Sorenil Pressure Mattress comes with a rotary dial and an LED on/off switch. The rotary dial can be used to customize the appropriate pressure of the air bubble mattress for total comfort of the user.

Romsons Sorenil Pressure Mattress is designed to fit in any bed frame and provides total comfort to the user, and is suited for both hospitals and homes.

Romsons Sorenil Pressure Mattress comes with an air filter on the base of the pump and with a fixed hook which makes it easier to operate. Under the alternating pressure of the Romsons Sorenil Pressure Mattress provides total comfort and skin relief to the user.

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