Dietary Changes For People Suffering From A Leaky Bladder

There is no perfect diet to cure incontinence. However, the food and drink you consume can do wonders to help manage your bladder or fecal leaks. Monitoring your diet and tweaking it to suit your state can help spare you some trips to the bathroom.

Urinary incontinence may not be a life-threatening problem but it sure can be discomfiting. Luckily, simple changes in your diet can help you alleviate irritability.

Let us start with the food items and drinks you should avoid to prevent irritation. These are also popularly called bladder irritants:

Monitor Your Fluid Intake - Drinking excess water makes you want to urinate often. Drinking water too often and too quickly may put pressure on your bladder, creating a sense of urgency. On the contrary, drinking less water may lead to a buildup of body waste. Highly concentrated urine may irritate your bladder increasing the urgency and frequency to urinate. So monitoring your fluid intake and maintaining a balance is what we’re talking about. 

Cutting Down On Alcohol - Alcohol induces diuresis which has a direct effect on your bladder. It is also known to clinically act as a bladder stimulant, triggering symptoms of urgency. Although it is manageable if taken in small quantities. However, it is advisable to completely cut down on alcohol for better results.

Bid Goodbye To Caffeine - Drinking tea, coffee, chocolate, and even decaf coffee can lead to loss of fluids since the caffeine present in them creates a sense of urgency. Consuming caffeinated beverages may have a mild diuretic effect. Eliminate caffeine from your diet if you can or reduce its intake for your betterment. Avoid drinking any caffeine-contained beverage at night. Whatever your preferred caffeinated beverage is, make sure to limit its intake to one or two per day.

Do Away With Carbonated Drinks - Your regular soft drinks may sometimes not have caffeine, but the carbon dioxide in them can irritate your sensitive bladder.  It creates a sudden urge to pee and causes your body to get rid of the fluids.

Go Easy On Spicy Food - For people with an overactive bladder, it is advisable to cool it down on spicy food. It is best to avoid cuisines like Chinese, Mexican, chili pepper, and spicy sauces.  

Acidic Food Items - Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, and fruit juices contain acid that can irritate your bladder. Tomatoes should also be avoided as they too are quite acidic.

You will be surprised to see just how much avoiding these bladder irritants can ease your irritability. Other than these, there are a few food items which you should include in your diet for better results. If you are troubled with incontinence, then make sure to eat a high fiber and protein-rich diet. Moreover, eating non-acidic fruits and vegetables will help ease irritation and discomfort. Note, keeping a daily record of what you eat, and drink and monitoring your urination pattern will help you track your improvements.

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