Dignity Women Maternity Pads – Every New Mom’s Best Friend

Delivering a baby is a profound experience that comes with a host of changes and challenges. The feeling gets all the more overwhelming especially for a first-time mother since she has to deal with numerous physical, emotional and hormonal changes. One of them is post-partum bleeding, medically referred to as ‘lochia’. Lochia/post-partum bleeding starts immediately post the childbirth and continues for at least a period of 2 to 6 weeks post-delivery.

Now, here comes the pivot role of new mom maternity pads/maternity diapers that take over the regular sanitary napkins. Therefore, to tackle the issue of post-partum bleeding, new moms need maternity pads like Dignity Maternity Pads that are not only highly absorbent but are also soft and gentle on the skin.

Dignity Mom Maternity Pads have been designed especially for use during the post-partum bleeding. These pads being thicker and larger prevent leakage and staining thereby enabling the new mothers to remain stress-free and focus on their newborn baby. Since they are super absorbent and disposable, Dignity Mom Maternity Pads take care of frequent bleeding during the postnatal period. Besides being helpful for post-partum bleeding, these pads prove extremely useful when heavy menstrual bleeding takes place like in cases of incontinence and Menorrhagia. The higher absorbency of Dignity mom maternity pads also saves new mothers from the hassle of frequently changing the pads.

Dignity Mom Maternity Pads are wider than the ordinary sanitary napkins and thus prevent both back and side flow. The fluid is converted into a gel to give a dry and clean feel, again preventing any leakage and staining. These pads come with adhesive strips on the backside to keep the pad securely in place and at the same time offer absolute comfort. The side elastic gathers enable the pad to fit properly and stretch in accordance with the body movements.

Dignity mom maternity pads ensure that the skin remains breathable and is also free from all sorts of rashes or allergies. They are too gentle on the skin and hence prevent vaginal discomfort and don’t cause any kind of irritation either. Their effective odour control system prevents unpleasant smell thereby enabling the new moms to use the pad for a relatively long time. Dignity Mom Maternity Pads are available online as well, in a pack size of 5.

New mothers can continue using these heavy-duty maternity pads by Dignity for the first few days post-delivery. However, they can switch to the lighter pads when the bleeding reduces.

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