How Effective Are Air Mattresses In Treating Bed Sores?

How Effective Are Air Mattresses In Treating Bed Sores?

Also known as ulcers or decubitus ulcers, Bedsores are injuries caused when prolonged pressure is applied on the skin while lying down, sitting on a wheelchair, staying in a constant position for long, etc. Bedsores or Pressure Sores occur mainly on top of the skin of areas such as hips, ankles, heels, tailbone, etc. These are most common amongst frail adults undergoing medical conditions including paralysis, immobility, or someone with difficulty in changing their position frequently. Though bedsores develop typically in a week or a month, a person may develop them with long hours of inactivity as well.

In some cases, hygiene can also be a cause of bedsores. If a person is bedridden and is not cleaned or given a sponge bath properly, they may be more prone to bedsores. Air Mattresses are one of the most effective forms of treatment to be offered to a patient suffering from pressure injuries as they help in creating less pressure on the ulcers & prevents them from getting worse.


Causes Of Bedsores

Bedsores are primarily caused when prolonged pressure is applied on the skin, limiting the flow of blood due to inactivity.

The significant reasons for bedsores are:

Pressure: Bedsores are generally caused by applying constant pressure on a particular area that in turn minimizes the flow of blood to the tissues. It also hampers the flow of oxygen and essential nutrients required by the skin, thus damaging those tissues permanently. Frail people with less fat or muscles surrounding the bones are often more susceptible to developing these ulcers around areas such as the tailbone, spine, hip, shoulders, etc.

Friction: Rubbing of skin against the clothes or bedding can cause friction, thus making the skin more vulnerable to injury. Sometimes a moist skin worsens the situation even further.

Shear: Shear and friction go hand in hand. Though shear injury cannot be seen on the surface of the skin, it happens when your bone and skin move in opposite directions. For instance, when the head is placed on an elevated position and the tailbone slides down but the skin remains at the same place, thus pulling in opposite directions.


How Do Air-Mattresses Help In The Prevention Of Bed Sores

An Air Mattress is designed to prevent & treat bedsores or pressure wounds. It is constructed with multiple inflated air tubes that inflate and deflate by emulating the patient's body movement. If the patient is paralyzed, they should not be left in one position for an extended period of time as it can obstruct proper healing. The inflating & deflating of the bubbles helps release the pressure under the patient's body, especially for the parts like elbows, heels, shoulders & hips. The air mattress helps in the proper air circulation & prevents bed ulcers caused due to pressure.

Though all the bedridden patients require Air mattresses to prevent bedsores, there are different levels of bedsores that require different kinds of attention depending upon their severity. These mattresses are categorized into 4 grades:

Grade 1: Skin Reddening

Grade 2: Superficial Blisters

Grade 3: Damaging of Tissues Under the Skin

Grade 4: Skin and Tissues both Damaged along with Bones, Muscles, or Joints

While using an air mattress, make sure your caregiver repositions you almost every hour.

For a bedridden patient, there are special wheelchairs available that can be tilted to relieve pressure every now and then.

If possible try to lift yourself up regularly.

Check the skin regularly for any early signs of bedsores. Keep it clean and dry. In case a patient is bedridden, use sponge baths and anti-bacterial wet wipes to keep the skin clean and free from moisture. Maintain proper hygiene while using Adult Diapers.


Romsons Air Mattress:

Romsons Air Mattress plays an essential role in the treatment of bedsores & also helps in the recovery of ulcers & decubitus. These Air Mattresses are very handy & easy to operate. Crafted from Medical-Grade PVC material, these are comfortable on the skin & help prevent allergies or skin rashes. Romsons Air Mattresses are lightweight & durable, thus making them ideal to be used at home, hospitals, or even while traveling. Their waterproof and durable material helps in regular and easy cleaning of the mattress, and also prevents it from any kind of spillage or damage. This comes with an Air Mattress pump that can easily be mounted on the bed with integrated back hooks, making it easier to operate.


How To Use Romsons Air Mattress:

  • Place the mattress on the bed with the hose-end towards the footboard of the bed frame.
  • Securely hang the pump on the footboard or place it on a smooth, flat surface using the integrated hooks.
  • Connect the air hose from the mattress to the pump. Plug it into an electrical unit, away from all the possible hazards.
  • Turn on the power switch on the control panel of the pump. The pump will slowly begin to inflate the mattress.
  • After inflation, adjust the mattress pressure using the dial on the pump.


Romsons Air Mattresses are available in three varieties: 

Romsons Sorenil Bubble Mattress with Air Pump for Prevention of Bed Sore

Romsons Nosor Bubble Mattress, Bed Sore Prevention Kit

Romsons Cell Mat Air Mattress with Air Pump for Prevention of Bed Sore

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