How Effective Are Knee Caps To Tackle Knee Pain

Amongst other vital joints, the knee aids in the movement and bears the weight of our upper body. While knee pain is prevalent due to old age, injury, or accident, a right knee support can help you manage pain more effectively and recover faster. Knee support for pain not only helps one to carry out their daily activities with less trouble but also prevents any further damage to the knee.

A troubled knee can be caused by various reasons. Some of the common reasons are:

  • Aging - It is known that as one starts to age, his/her body starts to undergo certain changes along with its fair share of wear and tear; making the body weaker. With advancing age a lot of stress is put on the knee that bears the maximum weight of one’s upper body. Hence, the elders require additional support for the knees.
  • Obesity - The logic is pretty simple, the heavier you weigh the more pressure you put on your knee joints.
  • Sports - Playing sports puts your knee joints under extreme pressure. Athletes and sportspersons are more likely to get knee injuries while playing. The high-intensity physical sports they are involved in often result in considerable damage to their knees.
  • Injuries/Accidents - Accidental scenarios like crashing or falling may lead to knee injuries. Moreover, undue stress on the knee area due to excessive walking, running, or exercising may also lead to injured knees.
  • Osteoarthritis - It is a fairly common problem faced by the elderly. However, it can result in serious knee damage if not treated properly.

What is a Knee Cap?

Knee caps provide support to the knee region by applying pressure and compression on them. As the name suggests, the knee cap is for knee support. It's a rehabilitation tool that is designed to be worn over the knee  in case of an injury or pain. Wearing knee caps is especially effective during heavy weight lifting, running, playing sports, etc. to prevent any damage to the knee.

Knee caps, also known as knee braces or knee support are used by:

  1. People suffering from knee pain
  2. Individuals struggling with obesity
  3. People undergoing knee surgery
  4. Sportsmen
  5. Senior citizens who need extra support

Benefits of Wearing Knee Cap 

  • Supports Knee Region - Knee caps are scientifically designed to provide support to the knee region, thereby lessening the pressure on the affected area. They also prevent further wear and tear of the knee joint. 
  • Provides Compression To Relieve Knee Pain - Knee supports provide comforting warmth around the affected area by compressing the tissues surrounding the knee. This helps in improved blood circulation and reduces the pressure on the injured area.
  • Protects The Knee From Further Damage - One of the most important benefits of wearing a knee cap is to avoid hurting the same injured area again. Knee caps support the affected region keeping it from further damaging the knee region. 
  • Stabilizes The Bone - The knee support effectively keeps the bone in a stable position and prevents it from moving sideways. It holds the knee steady and helps avoid overexertion and further damage to the knee.

Why Choose Romsons Knee Cap?

Romsons Knee Cap provides mild compression, warmth, and support to the knee joint and helps alleviate the pain and inflammation generally associated with weight, old age, sports injuries, arthritis, etc. It is crafted from hypoallergenic fabric that prevents the skin from any rash or allergies. Its easy pull-on application and no rolling over features makes it even more suitable for daily use.

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