How Effective Is Wearing Medical Gloves To Prevent Covid-19

The onslaught of pandemic compelled people to make amends in their lifestyles and follow the best protocols for the safety of their loved ones and themselves. It has greatly altered our perspective of the risk from bacteria, viruses and infection and forced us to acknowledge the impending threats to our health from the same. 

In the era of minimal physical contact, face masks and hand sanitizers, the general public is greatly drawn towards personal protective equipment (PPEs) . The use of personal protective equipment which is generally reserved for health care workers (HCWs) has now spread to the general population because of the complete protection it offers.

There are an array of personal protective devices for protection from the bacteria and viruses including items such as gloves, coveralls or gowns, shoes and head covers, masks and respirators and other face and eye protection equipment. 

As a result, the general population has gravitated towards wearing medical gloves along with face masks as a precautionary measure when stepping outside. Gloves are considered to be an invaluable asset in fighting off the virus, bacteria and infections. Hence, it is important to know  the effectiveness of  wearing these medical gloves to prevent Covid 19.

Let’s see how effective are wearing medical gloves for prevention from Covid 19

Hand hygiene is essential because they are most often the first body part to come in contact with the contaminated areas and most likely carry the virus. The spread of Covid 19 is commonly due to hand- to-face touch; the hand carrying the virus picked up from the contaminated. However, cleansing or disinfecting your skin alone does not eliminate all pathogens especially when they are in contact with high touch surface areas. 

Here’s how medical gloves prevent you from the risks of bacteria, viruses and infections:

  • Medical gloves protect you from picking up viruses and bacteria from highly contaminated surface areas. 
  • While acting as a caregiver for someone, wearing these gloves are a must so as to avoid coming in touch with any objects that may have come in contact with the infected person. 
  • Not only does wearing medical gloves prevent you from contracting the virus present on surfaces, but if you’re infected, it also reduces the risk of spreading the virus to others. 
  • Wearing gloves in itself doesn’t provide complete protection from the virus. However, along with frequent hand washing and sanitizing, it does reduce your risk of catching infection and transmission.
  • Sanitizing the hands incessantly also tends to impact your skin. Hand gloves however can easily be sanitized multiple times. 

Thus, hand protection with disposable medical gloves is much needed and should be prioritized for daily use. Medical gloves have become a much needed asset to fight off the virus alongside the face masks and hand sanitizers. They’re crucial now more than ever given the spread of Covid19 and its many emerging variants. Wearing disposable medical gloves that are suited for everyday use without compromising your comfort is important in order to protect yourself and others from the spread of infections, viruses and bacteria.

Note:- Use of gloves does not suggest avoidance of meticulous hand hygiene with soap and water or by alcohol-based hand rub solutions.

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