Hygiene Practices to Follow While Using Adult Diapers

Incontinence can be rough on people both physically and mentally. The discomfort, embarrassment, and frustration that follows can only be understood by those going through it.

Senior adults are likely to experience urinary incontinence more frequently than younger people. This is because the muscles in the urinary system lose part of their strength with age, which lowers the bladder's ability to hold pee. The likelihood of unintentional urinary leakage rises as a result. The cause and diagnosis of urine incontinence vary between men and women due to the differences in their anatomical structures.

Why Adult Diapers?

Adult diapers serve as an excellent solution to managing bladder leakages. Alongside, adult diapers also prove to be very beneficial for people who suffer from limited mobility due to cognitive impairment disorders like dementia. Another common reason why people can rely on adult diapers is for long or short-distance traveling plans that are usually disrupted by untimely bladder leaks.

Adult Diapers are usually prescribed by doctors post surgery since your body is fragile during recovery, and meeting your bathroom needs at sudden intervals can become really stressful and inconvenient. Wearing an adult diaper eliminates the worry of reaching bathrooms on time while maintaining good hygiene. It also reduces the risk of infections and makes healing the main priority.

Thus, we strongly suggest you make adult diapers a part of your life as soon as it starts disrupting your day to day life.

Other Benefits of Using Adult Diapers

By using adult diapers, you can actively relieve yourself of the burden of always needing to be close to a bathroom in case of leaks.

With adult diapers, you do not have to worry about staining the bedsheets. It actively provides a sense of safety and security for long hours.

The feeling of discomfort associated with unexpected urine leaks is eliminated with adult diapers. They provide a reassuring and tranquil atmosphere and keep you secure from unexpected leaks.

The sleek and covert design of the majority of adult diapers spares you the embarrassing danger of having your condition exposed in a public setting.

Adult diapers' accessible, pant-like design makes it easy to put them on, take them off, and change them.

Open-style adult diapers are convenient for seniors with limited mobility. The re-fastenable tapes provide a custom-fit experience to the user where the tapes can be adjusted multiple times.

Hygiene Practices To Adhere To While Using Adult Diapers

Make sure to change your diapers at intervals. For those of you who face a tough time keeping a track of time, we recommend using Romsons Adult Diapers that come with a wetness indicator. The indicator at the back of the diaper indicates the need for a diaper change. Don’t forget to change diapers immediately upon soiling.

Seniors using diapers in the postoperative phase can make use of adult body cleansing wipes to keep the area around the diaper clean. The body wipes also make for an excellent alternative to bathing. Adult Body Wipes are crafted for the sole purpose of cleansing and moisturizing the body in situations where bathing is not a suitable option.

In the case of bedridden adults or adults with limited mobility, some form of movement is advisable. Staying in bed for long may cause bed sores which should be avoided at all costs. If movement is completely prohibited, we suggest you invest in Anti-Bed Sore Mattresses.

If the user looks uncomfortable, it is important to check whether they are wearing the right size. Again, finding the perfect fit is important. Invest in Open-style diapers for a custom-fit experience.

The skin around the pelvic area is sensitive and is vulnerable to rashes, irritation, and infection. Hence, while keeping it clean it becomes necessary to invest in diapers that provide enough breathable space and are crafted from hypoallergenic fabric.

Also, a very important point to look out for is easy disposal. The diaper you choose should come with proper instructions about disposal and should be easy to dispose of. Dignity Open style diapers come with a Z-Tape Technology that makes it easy to simply snap and roll the diaper before throwing in a bin.

Another important feature that you should keep in mind is that the diaper should have leg barrier cuffs. This reduces the risk of side leakages and spills ensuring comfort and dryness.

One of the questions that one tends to wonder about a lot is “Can you wear these adult diapers regularly?” Yes, you can. It is safe to wear adult diapers daily. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to suggest you a brand as per your needs.

However, we do recommend you choose wisely which adult diaper brand to invest in. With comfortability and security as your focal point, go for India’s No.1 Dignity Adult Diapers that have much more to offer. To know more, Click Here.

Key highlights of our diapers that you should look out for are:

Hypoallergenic fabric that prevents the skin from rashes and irritation.

Wetness Indicator that indicates the need for a diaper change.

Barrier Leg Cuffs that prevent side leakages and spills.

ADL, Acquisition Distribution Layer that helps in rapid fluid dispersion, keeping the user dry and comfy.

Maximum Leakage protection for up to 12-16 hours.

You will never have trouble finding your perfect fit. Dignity Adult Diapers come in multiple sizes to suit your needs. Opt for pull-up or open style variants.

Easy to use and dispose of.

Adult diapers make living with incontinence easier. There's no shame in seeking out help and talking about it.

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