Inco Pads For Light Urine Leakages

Bladder leakage can be very frustrating and embarrassing especially when they show up at an unannounced hour, effectively ruining your day. Fortunately for you, light incontinence pads are here to save your day. 

Anyone suffering from bowel or fecal incontinence will have trouble controlling their intestinal movements. Some people may still have voluntary control over their abdominal muscles, preventing fecal deposits from leaking. For these individuals, wearing a pad might be required to avoid stains due to bladder leaks.

Why use incontinence pads?

People suffering from incontinence have no choice but to wear incontinence pads mainly due to protection from bladder leakage. However, there are several other reasons why one might opt for incontinence pads. Some might choose to wear an incontinence pad because they don't want to sweat through their clothes due to their active lifestyles or have stains from conditions like diarrhea, dementia, etc.

Here’s why people opt for wearing incontinence pads:

Prevent Skin Rashes Or Infections: When a person sweats heavily, the moisture from the sweat can irritate the skin causing rashes or at times infections to develop. An incontinence pad can prove helpful in preventing this. These pads are designed to absorb all the moisture keeping the area dry; leaving no room for skin rashes or infections.

Prevent Getting Stains On Clothes Due To Leakage: Incontinence pads are crafted from material that helps keep the person dry and comfy. To avoid stains caused due to spills or leakages people must wash their underwear often. This not only gets hectic and tiring but also leaves you frustrated by the end of the day.

Flexibility And Unhindered Mobility: Usually, for a heavier flow, adult diapers are a preferable choice. However, for mild urine leakages, incontinence pads should be your way to go about it. These lighter and straighter pads provide more flexibility and more room for unhindered movement. 

Many people may feel frustrated if they leak when they least expect it, such as at work or in a social situation. Discretion is an important issue for these people. They have to make multiple trips to the bathroom because of mild incontinence which can be troublesome.

To tackle mild incontinence, Dignity Light Inco Pads are the best option to go for. Here's why:

  1. Discreet Fit: The most basic reason why Dignity Inco Pads are a popular choice to tackle mild leakage is that they provide a discreet and comfortable fit. They are best suited for people with an active lifestyle. Dignity Light Inco Pads are designed anatomically to fit both men and women, providing maximum coverage.
  2. Freedom From Contingency Plans: Let’s admit it, all of those suffering mild incontinence are scared of being caught off guard at work or someplace not home. Thus, carrying a contingency kit sounds like a plan. However, with light inco pads, you can finally get rid of that extra weight. 
  3. Easy To Wear And Dispose of: Light Inco Pads are very easy to wear and take off. Most men and women find light disposable pads easy to put on or change as they come with an adhesive strip on the back sheet that sticks easily to the underwear. 
  4. No Time For Risks: Loss of bladder control implies the risk of untimely urine leakage. This situation can be very embarrassing and people tend to avoid their normal activities for the same. These Light Inco Pads come with a super-absorbent core that locks the moisture quickly keeping the wearer dry, comfy, and happy. You can bid goodbye to ill-timed risks of incontinence and uncomfortable laughs. 
  5. Hello Happy Skin: Dignity Light Inco Pads are crafted from the softest hypoallergenic fabric that is so gentle on the skin that skin rashes are completely out of question. Your skin will thank you for switching to these incontinence pads.

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