Maternity Pad V/S Sanitary Pad to Deal With Postpartum Bleeding

Becoming a mom is one of the greatest feelings in the world. The best part about getting pregnant is to enjoy ‘no periods’ for nine months. However, this can only last a period of  nine months, and after that the entire scenario changes. Postpartum bleeding comes with its own set of challenges for which you may be far from being prepared.. 

What is postpartum bleeding? How can it be managed? What are the options available in the market for maternity pads? Or are you still trying to decide between a sanitary pad and maternity pad? 

Ladies! Here we are with a complete guide to make your post pregnancy journey a little easier, at least in this respect.

What is Postpartum Bleeding?

After delivery, mothers start bleeding heavily; this bleeding is unlike regular menstruation because periods will not be back for another six to eight weeks. This bleeding is the shedding of blood tissues of the uterine lining which is no more needed after the delivery. The uterine lining is a cushioning layer around the baby. This vaginal bleeding is called lochia. More often when you get up and move around, you may feel a rush of blood flow. Lochia will last till the excess vaginal surface and placenta are shed off. Sometimes you might find more blood clots than regular bleeding and at times unmanageable too. The colour of the lochia changes as time passes. It is bright red during the first week of delivery and simultaneously becomes lighter. When all blood tissues are shed off, it usually turns off white.

Why are Maternity Pads a better option?

Might your brain be stormed with questions related to the absorbency of maternity and sanitary pads? And what should you use? Finding quality products which can fulfil your needs post-pregnancy are hard to find. There are still some good options available in the market. Instead of opting for the regular sanitary pad, you should go for the maternity pads. These are post-pregnancy pads, especially tailored and engineered to deal with the heavy postpartum bleeding. Maternity pads are extra long, extra absorbent, and more comfortable. These pads are considered better than your regular sanitary pads because they are thicker and wider, and thus equipped to deal with the postpartum bleeding. They are made up of softer material to make you feel comfortable. 

Dignity from the house of Romsons specialises in maternity pads. Anatomically designed for women, Dignity MOM Maternity Pads are also an essential item to pack in your hospital bag and can also be stocked at home for post-delivery use. These maternity pads have so many features to fit in your choice and comfort as:

Extra Absorbent- Dignity MOM Maternity Pads come with an advanced acquisition layer that absorbs and quickly disperses the fluid, keeping you dry and comfortable for a very long time. 

Discreet Fit- Anatomically designed for women, MOM Maternity Pads are thin and provide a discreet fit to the wearer. 

Soft Fabric- Breathable and extra soft fabric provides cottony-feel experience. Dignity MOM  Maternity Pads are crafted with hypoallergenic fabric, making them extremely gentle and soft even on the most sensitive areas of the skin. 

Anti Leg-Cuffs- Elastic anti-leak cuffs provide a better fit and avoid any side leakage due to body movement or pad displacement.

Advanced Odour Protection- Super absorbent polymer concentrated in the core regulates any unpleasant odours and helps maintain the pH balance of the skin.

Individually Packed- Dignity MOM  Maternity Pads are individually packed which makes them extremely hygienic to use and easy to carry around. 

These pads are highly recommended by doctors, and are sure gonna help you sail through the dreaded postpartum bleeding. Taking care of personal hygiene especially at this moment becomes non-negotiable and of utmost importance. While taking care of your little one, this should be the last thing bothering your mind. And thus, we suggest you go with the best option available in the market.


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