Nasal Aspirator For Babies. Why Do Doctors Recommend It?


It is very normal for newborn babies to have snuffles, more commonly known as a ‘stuffy nose’. Stuffy nose or nasal congestion occurs when nasal passages swell up with excessive mucus and fluids that cause a blocked or stuffy feeling. Blocked nasal passageways are insufferable at all ages. It is, however, especially overwhelming for the newborns since they are incapable of taking care of it themselves. 

The nasal passages are small and need time to develop, hence babies are more prone to congestion than adults. Nonetheless, parents need not be overly concerned, in cases of mild congestion. Periodic nose cleaning is a very effective solution for preventing nasal congestion in infants.

Whatever the cause of your baby’s nasal mucus buildup might be, timely cleaning the nose will ensure unhindered breathing and absolute comfort. It is especially important to clean the baby’s nose before you feed them. From the first few months after birth, babies breathe through their noses. Due to their small nasal passageways, even a small amount of mucus can cause nasal congestion. Doctors recommend nasal aspirators to tackle nasal congestion in babies. They are the safest and most effective method used for immediate relief.

What are Nasal Aspirators?

A nasal aspirator device lets you create a suction motion and gently suck the mucus buildup out of the baby’s nose. These devices are incredibly effective in clearing nasal passages. 

There are different types of nasal aspirators available in the market that you can look out for, for your baby.

Gone are the days of snot-sucking!

In earlier days, mother’s used to suck the snot out of the baby’s nose using a manual nasal aspirator. A Snot-Sucker works on human suction mechanisms. It comes with a mouthpiece and a filter that allows the parent to suck the mucus out of their baby's nose themselves, manually. 

As simple and cost-effective as the method is, it is not advisable for hygiene reasons alone. 

Electric Nasal Aspirators to save the day?

As the name suggests, electric nasal aspirators run on electricity and provide a much stronger means of suction as compared to manual aspirators, They are indeed very convenient to use. Parents tend to lean more towards this method of nasal cleaner because it saves time and effort.

However, with all their convenience and effectiveness, these infant nasal aspirators are costlier than manual nasal aspirators. You should also be wary of mucus buildup in hard-to-clean areas of the device, potentially raising germs that may contaminate the device. Also, its effectiveness and functionality are completely dependent on its battery power.

Bulb Nasal Aspirator - A better alternative?

These are also manual nasal aspirators that allow you to squeeze the air out of the bulb creating a vacuum, then the tip of the syringe is gently inserted into the baby’s nostril to suck the snot out. They are a simple and more hygienic alternative to go for. These infant nasal devices are most widely used and are readily available in clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, etc. Their simple design makes them cost-effective and easy to use. Due to these features, bulb nasal aspirators are highly recommended by doctors since they tackle the problems that surface in other devices.

Romsons Baby Nasal Aspirators to the Rescue!

Romsons Baby Nasal Aspirators are bulb nasal aspirators that are safe to be used and reused for cleaning your baby’s nose. The nose cleaner removes congestion with a soft, gentle suction motion from your baby’s nose. They are specially designed for a soft nozzle for easy cleaning of the mucus whilst protecting the baby’s soft mucus membranes. Most importantly, these are very easy to clean after use. You can easily detach the nozzle from the bulb and clean it under running water. Put it back together after drying. Safe to say, you can reuse it now. 

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