Nebulizers To Provide Quick & Effective Relief From Cold

“Winter Onslaught”, “Cold winter waves sway the city”, “Cold waves hit the netizens”, read the big headlines. Winters have arrived, and so has the season of cold, congestion, flu, asthma, and various kinds of infections. The first sign of winters settling in is usually a sniffling nose. We may never know when a sniffling nose might turn into a stuffed one and lead to blocked passageways, making breathing even more difficult. 

A nebulizer is a respiratory machine that turns liquid medicine into mist. This ensures easy yet effective delivery of medication directly into your lungs and other affected areas. It is one of the most suggested methods of giving medicines to people suffering from cold, cough, bronchitis or other respiratory ailments.

Why Use a Nebulizer?

With the dropping temperatures and unapologetic cold waves hitting us, a nebulizer can come in very handy on several occasions. However, one may wonder why one should use a nebulizer for quick and effective relief from the cold? Let’s find out.

Easier to Use: Using a nebulizer to take medication is as easy as breathing. All you need to do is find a comfortable place to sit, preferably your room, place the measured medication into the nebulizer unit and then breathe in and out. No forceful breathing or technique is required. Romsons Angel Nebulizer is appreciated for its lightweight compressor and compact build that supports aerosol therapy. The one-button operation, and an easy assemblage makes it easy to use.

Suitable for Kids: When kids start fussing over medicines, go for nebulizers. Making your kids use the inhalers or other meds can be quite tricky. They usually find it difficult to follow instructions. Nebulizers are safe to use since they help babies and young children take medication more effectively while breathing normally. All you need to do is keep an eye on the dosage of medicine placed into the nebulizers, and then you can leave your child be. Romsons Turbo the Bear NebulizerMicrogen Compressor Nebulizer is designed specifically to make treatment more pleasant and attractive for kids. 

Instant Relief:  Usually, oral medicines take about 30 mins before they start working. Medicine has to be broken down by the digestive system before it can enter the bloodstream and then spread where they need to. Intake of medicines via nebulizers ensures that they are delivered directly to the source of the problem bypassing the digestive system. Sometimes, to tackle an ailment, the physician ends up giving you a huge chunk of medicines that become difficult to pop. A nebulizer makes it easy to consume these medicines.

Ideal for Home Use: Nebulizer is a portable device to take medicines within the comfort of your home. For the people with limited mobility and the elders who have it rough in the winters, nebulizers are the quickest and most effective way to deliver medications directly to the lungs. Romsons Aeromac Plus Compressor Nebulizer comes with an ultra-compact compressor nebulizer system that supports aerosol therapy. 

Portable:- Nebulizers are no longer big bulky devices that were a burden to use. Modern-day nebulizers are portable devices that you can carry around with ease like our Romsons Tubeless Portneb Nebulizer. It is a compact, portable and lightweight nebulizer that comes with a patented “Valve Adjustable Technology” for instant relief. It can be used by kids as well as adults, and comes with a separate set of masks.

The winter weather is harsh on all of us. Cold, cough, and infections become rampant in such conditions. It is better to be prepared and guarded than face the repercussions. Romsons has a wide range of nebulizers that provide instant relief by converting liquid medicine into vapors that can easily be inhaled by kids and adults alike. The respiratory device supports aerosol therapy that administers the delivery of medication directly into the lungs. Our nebulizers are compact, light in weight, and easy to use and assemble.

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