Personal Protection Kit - Your One Stop Shop To Covid Safety

Covid-19 has not only had a crippling effect on world dynamics and economics but henceforth, it will also dictate our future course of life. For instance while watching TV, how many of you have had that sinking feeling for a fraction of a second when you see people in the shows without a mask in crowded areas; and then you realize, it’s just TV! That’s the mind-altering effect we are talking about! When this virus started, who would have thought that even after 2 years of its inception, we would still be struggling with it? 

With due course of time, Covid-appropriate behaviour seeped so easily into our lives that even without realizing we became used to it. Social-distancing, wearing protective face masks, sanitizing our hands incessantly; it all came in so naturally to us that after a certain point of time it became the way of life. Not to mention the fact that the government authorities took every step possible to embed these practices deep in our lives, even if it meant penalising us!

Learning from the mistakes of Second-Covid Wave, and now while at the brink of the Third Wave, let’s all be responsible and play our parts well. Apart from following social-distancing and other Covid-safety norms, it’s time to invest in reputed, lab-approved, personal protection equipment and home health-care essentials.

On the onset of Covid-19, Romsons came up with a Care Pack, a one stop-shop for Covid protective equipment. It was a much talked about kit that consisted of an array of  products we thought were an absolute must-have when it came to protecting yourself and your loved ones during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Romsons Care Package consists of the following products:

  • Dispo Mask 3-Ply Face Masks With Elastic Ear Loops: (1 Pack Contains 25 Masks) Filters 99% Bacteria & Viruses shed in Droplets and Aerosols. Suitable for one-time use. Comes with an adjustable nose clip & elasticated ear-loops.
  • Dispo Guard 3-Ply Face Masks With Softest Ear Loops: (1 Pack Contains 50 Masks) Filters 99% Bacteria & Viruses shed in Droplets and Aerosols. Suitable for one-time use. Comes with an adjustable nose clip. Has the most comfortable ear-loops suitable to be worn for long hours.
  • Kare Mask N95 Respirators: (2 Pieces) Light-weight N95 masks that are effective in filtering 99% of airborne particles. Built-in nose clip with stretchable ear-loops ensures a snug fit experience.
  • Safe Touch Covid Safety Key: (1 Piece) A Covid Safety Key to avoid touching contaminated, frequently touched surfaces at home or outside. Can be sanitized as well as washed regularly.
  • Sparklean Multipurpose Surface Cleansing Wipes: (1 Packet Contains 50 Wipes) Multipurpose Surface Cleansing Wipes that can be used to sanitize multiple surfaces such as Gadgets, Furniture, Doorknobs, Steering Wheels, Electrical Switches and so on. Kills 99% Bacteria & Viruses.
  • Kleanzo Hand Cleansing Wipes: (1 Packet Contains 72 Wipes) Hand Cleansing wipes that kill around 99% Bacteria & Viruses. Use them at home or while on the go. Crafted from a biodegradable bamboo fabric, Kleanzo comes with a refreshing mild fragrance and is extremely gentle on the skin.
  • Stericot Quick Cleaner: (1 Packet Contains 25 Wipes) Cleansing swabs that are effective in disinfecting gadgets, sunglasses, watches and other equipment. Kills 99% Bacteria & Viruses.

With the ongoing pandemic and the frequent resurgence of waves one after the other, it thus becomes imperative to keep all the personal protective equipment handy at home. Apart from the kit, our range of personal protective equipment includes Latex Medical Examination Hand Gloves, Oxygen Concentrators, Oximeters, Face Shields, Eye-Protective Goggles, Respirometers, BP Monitors, Nebulizers and so on. One can buy these as per their own individual needs. 

Whether you have covid, or trying to avoid catching it or even if you’re the caregiver of a covid patient, we promise this safety equipment is something you would want to invest in.

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