Things to know about Latex Medical Examination Disposable Powdered Hand Gloves

We all know that disposable latex medical gloves are used in various kinds of medical examinations and procedures in order to build a safety barrier between the medical personnel or the caregivers and the patients. By doing so, it helps in preventing cross-contamination. Latex examination gloves are known for their strong chemical resistance. They are said to be more elastic than Nitrile and more resistant to puncture than their Vinyl counterparts.

One of the prominent brands that make medical examination disposable hand gloves of superior quality materials is, Romsons. These disposable hand gloves are individually packed and have an embossed grip which enables firm handling of surgical instruments or other objects. These A-grade transparent gloves are resistant to frequent wear and tear.

 These soft, lint-free gloves by Romsons serve multiple purposes. They can not only be used for medical activities at hospitals and clinics but can also be used every day at beauty parlours/salons, shops and even at your home. Besides all this, these gloves can also be used in hotels, bakeries, canteens, kitchens and by caterers as they are food-safe. They will certainly help in maintaining the desired levels of hygiene.

 You can also use the Romsons disposable gloves while performing tasks that might irritate your skin or be harsh on it like colouring/dying your hair. These gloves will undoubtedly protect your hands from staining. You can throw them off after use.

Romsons Protecto Examination Gloves are available in Small, Medium and Large sizes in a box of 100 pieces.

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