Things to know about Romsons relief hot & cold gel packs

Heat therapy and cold therapy are two low-cost yet potent ways to reduce several types of back and neck pain. The hot and cold gel packs by Romsons are one of the best dual comfort pain relief packs. You can use them on any part of your body to soothe the pain caused by muscle strain or injury and even reduce bruising as well as post-operative swelling. It also eases discomfort from liposuction, tummy tuck or any other upper or lower body procedure.

For creating a heat gel pack, all you need to do is either microwave it for about 2 minutes or keep it in boiling water to provide the desired heat therapy. Romsons relief hot gel pack, when applied on the area of pain, can effectively relieve discomfort and reduce pain. If you have stiff joints, you can place the hot gel pack on your limbs/joints and improve their flexibility. This hot gel pack also increases the blood flow, thereby promoting the healing of damaged tissues and accelerating their recovery. The heat therapy also helps alleviate daily stress/anxiety and works as a wonderful relaxation remedy.

You can even turn the Romsons gel pack into a cold gel pack by keeping it in the freezer and use it for cold therapy. When applied to the painful areas, it numbs them and provides rapid relief in pain. The icing is known to reduce internal bleeding and reduce swelling. You can even ease muscle spasms with this affordable cold gel pack and relax your muscles post-injury. These relief packs come handy in lowering fever as well. In case you want to just cool down after a hot day, then too you can use Romsons cold gel pack and experience a pleasant cooling effect on your skin.

Each hot and cold gel pack by Romsons is reusable and has been made from non-toxic filling that is absolutely safe to be used on your skin. Being burst and puncture-resistance, these gel packs are durable and hold the temperatures for a longer duration.

Romsons relief hot and cold gel pack is available in two sizes - large and medium and comes individually packed in a convenient plastic box for safety.

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