Things You Should Know About Maternity Pads

Things You Should Know About Maternity Pads

One of the best things about being pregnant apart from becoming a mother is that you get to enjoy a prolonged session of no periods! However, this can happen for a maximum of nine months, and after that, the entire scenario changes.

Postpartum bleeding, often heavy and accompanied by clotting, requires a lot of care. As soon as you deliver your baby, you will start bleeding heavily to the extent that you would need special pads to manage the situation. Sometimes the bleeding can last longer or even be heavier than expected, which a regular sanitary pad cannot hold. This is where maternity pads come into the picture. Contrary to a super-absorbent sanitary pad that can hold a maximum of 10ml of fluid, a maternity pad holds a minimum of 450 ml. Regardless of whether you have had a normal delivery or a cesarean, you would need a maternity pad. 

Maternity pads however are not limited to new moms only; these can also be used by women who experience heavy bleeding at any time during their life. Heavy bleeding could happen right before the onset of menopause, or due to the presence of fibroidsbleeding followed by a miscarriage, or hormonal imbalance, etc.

Why are Postpartum or Maternity Pads Used?

Maternity pads are used for managing postpartum bleeding. After giving birth, a woman experiences continuous bleeding for a few weeks. These pads come with a highly absorbent core that absorbs fluid quickly and converts it into gel. Many maternity pads are equipped with an acquisition distribution layer that quickly and evenly disperses fluid throughout the pad. This will keep the wearer comfy and dry for longer. Elastic leg cuffs in the maternity pads hold the bleeding and prevent the risk of any side leakage due to movement or pad displacement. A good quality maternity pad would be crafted from hypoallergenic fabric and thus avoid the risk of experiencing any vaginal discomfort or skin rashes and infections. These pads ensure new moms remain stress-free and enjoy their new role without the fear of staining their clothes or catching an infection.

Maternity pads are wider than regular sanitary pads and are anatomically designed to provide maximum protection and comfort. These pads are also usually equipped with an effective odour-control system that suppresses unpleasant odours, if any, to give a feeling of freshness throughout the day.


Postpartum Bleeding: What to Expect 

When a woman goes through a natural delivery or C-Section, she will experience postpartum bleeding accompanied by heavy clotting or a rush of blood every time she gets up. This process of excessive bleeding called LOCHIA contains tissue, mucus & blood from the inner lining of the uterus and can last for a few hours or even days. Lochia will continue until the excessive uterine lining from the uterus has been shed off, which is a completely natural process.

Maternity Pads or Sanitary Pads. What Should One Use Post Delivery?

The purpose of a sanitary pad is to absorb the period blood, which is not as much compared to postpartum bleeding. First and foremost, sanitary pads are designed to absorb a maximum of 10ml of blood against a maternity pad with a heavy-duty absorbency and a minimum absorption capacity of 450ml. The heavy clotting and gush of blood experienced during the postnatal period can be managed effectively only with a maternity pad. Secondly, a sanitary pad is usually netted and is not too soft on the skin. A good maternity pad is made from a hypoallergenic and incredibly soft fabric, thus providing maximum comfort to a new mom even with vaginal stitches. This hypoallergenic fabric also proves instrumental in preventing the skin from any rashes or vaginal infections. Designed especially to manage the after-delivery bleeding, a maternity pad is longer and broader compared to a sanitary pad. It is also equipped with an efficient odor-control system that neutralizes unpleasant odors, if any, and guarantees a feeling of freshness throughout the day and night. 

Dignity Mom Maternity Pads

Anatomically designed for women, Dignity Mom Maternity Pads are an essential item to be packed in your hospital bag for deliverySuper absorbent core with an absorption capacity of up to 450 ml, these maternity pads are incredibly soft and gentle on the skin. Dignity Mom Maternity Pads are individually wrapped, making them extremely safe and handy to carry around. Highly recommended for new moms by doctors, these are gonna help you sail through the dreaded postpartum period. To know more, Click here:

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