Things you should know about Romsons PM0.3 Nanofiber Anti Pollution Mask

There’s no denying the fact that air pollution can have a negative effect on our lungs and can lead to several acute respiratory issues. Especially children and people spending more time outdoors are at a greater risk of bearing the brunt of air pollution. Not stepping out for school or work is absolutely impractical! However, taking precautionary measures to safeguard our health is certainly possible and required.

While indoor air pollution can be tackled with air purifiers at home or workplace. How does one remain protected against the poisonous gases and particulate matters outside? So, that’s when anti-pollution masks enter the scene. Now, expecting ever mask available in the market to filter out the pollutants is not right. Not all masks are capable enough of doing so even though we might have been told that they are the best of all.

One of the most efficient and highly recommended anti-pollution masks are the Romsons PM 0.3 Mask. Designed specially to offer complete protection to the user from respiratory allergies caused by air pollution, this mask is your perfect companion while you are outside. It safeguards you from dust, pollen, automobile fumes, chemicals and even bacteria/viruses; thanks to the 3-Layer Filter Technology.

With a filtration efficiency of 95%, this nanofiber anti-pollution mask has a non-return valve that helps to filter out the particulate matter of size 0.3µ. Owing to its boat-shaped panel design along with chin pocket, this mask provides a large breathing area to the user. This anti-pollution mask by Romsons is available in a re-closable zip pouch.

Romsons is also the manufacturer of anti-pollution masks with activated Carbon for kids of the top quality. 

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