Tips To Maintain Baby Hygiene During Winters

 Tips To Maintain Baby Hygiene During Winters

Winters can be tough to deal with, especially with newborn babies and toddlers around. Newborn babies, toddlers, and young children are more vulnerable to cold and infections during winters since they lose heat more quickly given their small stature and lack of body fat. Their immune system is still developing, making them an easy target of cold and flu if not taken care of properly. Protecting the babies from the harsh winter weather while maintaining proper hygiene can be difficult but essential.  

Keeping your baby warm, safe, and hygienic in winters might seem like a herculean task but with these few tips and following proper measures, it can be turned into a cakewalk. 

Here are a few tips you must  follow to maintain proper baby hygiene during winters.

Layer-Up: To prevent exposing the baby to harsh weather outside, dress him/her up in layers. The first layer should usually be comfortable snug-fit clothing so that the baby is fully covered but doesn’t feel constricted. However, keeping the babies wrapped up in layers at all times might make them irritable. The trick is to keep them warm yet comfortable. Opt for a cottony inner layer for maximum comfort and then layer your way up.

Shorten the Bathing Time: Shorten the bathing time and make sure to bathe the baby with lukewarm water. Babies have extremely sensitive skin. Bathing them daily or for a longer period may cause their skin to dry up too quickly.

Moisturize: Your little munchkin’s skin is sensitive and tends to lose moisture quickly. Hence, using baby care products such as lotions, creams and wipes are advisable. They help restore and retain moisture in the baby’s skin. However, using too many babycare products should also be avoided.

Alternate Between Bathing and Using Wipes: Moms, here’s the most effective and convenient way to protect your little one from the winter blues. It’s safe to skip a few days and bathe your baby twice or thrice a week. For non-bathing days, use baby wipes to clean them up. Wipes are a soft and gentle alternative to bathing and are safe to be used on your baby’s sensitive skin. You don’t even have to worry about the loss of moisture from the skin; just go for the wipes that are enriched with vitamin E or Aloe Vera. While opting for a wipe, go for an option that is free from alcohol and parabens.

Switch To Disposable Baby Mats: Gone are the days when mothers used to use a reusable plastic baby changing mat. Go for a baby mat that is disposable yet highly absorbent. This would not only be easier to change and maintain during the peak winter season, but also prove to be more hygienic, germ-free and effective. Winters call for a severe rise in baby incontinence, using a disposable baby mat would help save your cribs, diaper changing stations, sofas and multiple surfaces from urine leakages. Moreover, you can also avoid changing the baby on cold surfaces and protect them from catching infections from any unknown areas.

Use A Baby Nasal Aspirator: As mentioned, kids are susceptible to cold and blocked noses during winters. Investing in a good Baby Nasal Aspirator is what you should be doing to tackle this situation. The nose cleaner removes nasal congestion in a safe and gentle suction-motion. An absolute must-have for winters.

This winter, be prepared with the Romsons babycare range, the best baby care products to protect your little ones and maintain proper baby hygiene during winters.

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