Using Nebulizers For Newborns

Nebulization is a type of treatment that enables an individual to breathe in medicine as a fine mist using a nebulizer machine. Nebulizers are useful in treating certain respiratory conditions such as cold, cough, asthma, etc. The nebulizer turns the liquid  medicine into a fine mist so that the individual can breathe in the medicine easily. The machine comes with a mask or a mouthpiece connected via tube that assists in breathing.

Nebulizers are effective for inhaling medicine to clear the blocked airways. You can use the nebulizers in the following ways:

  • In case of an emergency wherein the individual is struggling to breathe & may require a high dosage of medicine.
  • In cases of severe conditions wherein the individual is unable to use inhalers such as an asthma attack.
  • In cases wherein the individual is struggling to use inhalers due to underlying health conditions such as arthritis.
  • To provide medication to newborn and toddlers.

 Since prescribing hard medicine is not a viable option, doctors often use the nebulizers for babies. They allow infants to take medication while still breathing normally. When a baby inhales a nebulizer mist, the drug might travel deep into their lungs, where it can assist them to relax a bit and breathe easily.

Nebulizers are a great alternative for kids who are experiencing trouble breathing due to a cough or cold, but do use the medicine that has been prescribed by a doctor and follow their recommendation.

A nebulizer, when used correctly, can help newborns breathe better by clearing congestion. If you are worried about the device’s safety, rest assured there are some good easy to use and operate nebulizer machines. With a little guidance you will be all set to use the machine. 

A doctor may recommend a nebulizer for a baby who has inflamed airways, shortness of breath, or any other breathing problem that could be caused by:

  • chronic respiratory conditions, such as asthma or cystic fibrosis
  • lung infections, such as pneumonia
  • severe allergic reactions

They may have symptoms such as

  • wheezing
  • coughing
  • shortness of breath
  • rapid breathing
  • chest pain
  • difficulty in breathing
  • slow recovery from bronchitis

Romsons Nebulizers Machines come in various designs to attract the attention of the kids. It ensures effective delivery of medication to the lungs with aerosol therapy. It is one of its kind, lightweight, ultra compact nebulizer system which is ideal for your home, clinics or even while traveling. Its limited noise feature and easy to use one-button operation adds further to the appeal.  

The machine comes equipped with a nose piece, a filter & power cord, an adult mask and a child mask, a mouthpiece with an exhalation hole, a drug chamber with a lid on the top, a 2m long kink-resistant tube and a user manual.

These nebulizer machines are very easy to use and can be assembled by following these simple steps . 

  1. Start with filling the drug chamber with the prescribed medicine. Now, secure the lid by moving it clockwise.
  2. Next, connect the mask or the mouthpiece with the drug chamber. 
  3. Take one end of the tube and attach it to the bottom of the drug chamber. Then, attach the other end to the back of the nebulizer machine.
  4. Make your baby wear the pediatric mask & switch on the power button. You are all set now!
  5. Just sit back and breathe normally.
  6. Once the vapor formation stops, switch off the power button and detach all the connections.

Don’t forget to clean the drug chamber and mask with running water and wipe it with a clean piece of cloth before keeping it aside. Now you are all set for next use! The compact structure of the machine, the degree of noiselessness, and practicality of use makes it ideal to be used both at home as well as while traveling. Romsons has a wide variety of nebulizers that can be used by kids as well as adults.

Romsons Angel Nebulizer is uniquely designed with an ultra-compact and light In Weight compressor. It operates on Aerosol Therapy and comes with an easy to use one-button operation.

Similarly, we present Turbo the Bear Nebulizer, an absolute favorite of kids. It comes in a bear shape design to attract the attention of the kids. It has five air filters that help in providing effective medication delivery and can ideally be used by all age groups.

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