What are Chux/Underpads? All you need to know

Once a patient is diagnosed with incontinence, it can be overwhelming and embarrassing. The biggest notion surrounding incontinence is how it hinders the day-to-day activities of a person. However, with the right means, incontinence can be managed without obstructing your daily routine. 

Underpads or formerly known as chux were one of the first few products introduced to tackle incontinence. Chux/Underpads were originally invented by nurses who were tired of cleaning the soiled beddings of incontinent patients multiple times a day.

History of Chux/Underpads?

Chux are disposable super-absorbent pads that protect the mattresses from untimely bladder leaks. These underpads can be used on multiple surface areas such as bedding, furniture, floorings, etc. Anybody suffering from incontinence can benefit from using them. 

These are crafted using highly absorbent material that includes a waterproof layer to prevent any bladder leakage to the bed linens, furniture, or any other surface underneath. Modern bed protector underpads were introduced in the 1950s and 1960s when the nurses in the nursing homes were still using newspapers as an absorbent material. The newspaper, though solved the problem of keeping the bed linens dry and laundry minimum, cleaning it up became a bigger mess. Thus, they came up with disposable pads wherein they used a blue plastic back sheet and tissues to create an absorbent top layer.

Benefits of Using Chux/Underpads

Chux or bed protector pads play a crucial part in providing comfort aside from ensuring a good night’s sleep. They are also very easy to use and dispose of. Using the underpads not only keeps the surface area dry but also fends off any odor by locking any extra moisture inside. 

Needless to say, the chux /underpads have evolved. Their usage is no longer limited to hospitals and nursing homes. Today you may find a variety that can conveniently be used at home or while traveling.  

Uses of Chux/Underpads

  • At Healthcare Facilities
  • Disposable bed protector underpads are widely used in healthcare facilities for people suffering from incontinence, post-operative use, prenatal care in  nursing homes, and so on. To prevent the beddings from soiling chux mattress protector pads are necessary. This also saves a patient from multiple bathroom trips, which given their condition can be discomforting. The comfort of a dry bed brings a night of restful sleep. 

  • At Home
  • Underpads serve a great purpose for caregivers or adults suffering from incontinence. They save time and energy that otherwise would be spent doing laundry multiple times a day. They keep the beddings dry and comfy and also help in keeping up the morale of the person which otherwise would be affected by embarrassment and feeling of helplessness.

    Other than beds, these underpads can also be used on multiple surfaces in the house. Underpads can be used to protect surfaces such as furniture, wheelchairs, couches, chairs, and floors as well. Needless to say, they are a blessing in disguise for bedridden adults.

  • Outdoors

  •  Incontinence doesn’t have to obstruct you from enjoying outdoor activities. If a child or an adult in your family is suffering from incontinence, using disposable chux to cover the seat of the vehicle is a good idea. This will prevent getting any stains on the seat. As a result, the hassles of cleaning the surface area can be avoided. 

    Chux or underpads cannot be worn like adult diapers or incontinence pads but their usage is similar to the diapers and pads. They provide extra protection and prevent any physical damage like staining or wetting the surface area in case of an untimely leakage. 

    There are several things you should keep in mind while buying bed protector pads:

    (1) absorbent levels of the underpads for both day and night usage, 

    (2) the varying sizes and choose a suitable one needed to protect your beddings as well as chairs and other surface areas, and 

    (3) the type of underpads best suited for your situation.

    In case it’s a difficult choice to make, we are happy to help. Dignity Mattey Underpads come with a super-absorbent core that locks the moisture quickly. Its unique quilted pattern helps in rapid fluid dispersion. Its extra soft top sheet provides cloth-like comfort that keeps the user dry and comfy. 

    Mattey Underpads are available in two types. 

    1. Mattey Disposable Underpads comes with an adhesive silicone release liner that sticks to your beddings or any surface area preventing any pad displacement due to movement.
    2. Mattey Tuckable Underpads come with tuckable wings that can be tucked under the mattress to secure the underpads. These underpads are easy to chuck off and the side seal prevents any leakage.

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