Why Do Moms Love Dignity Baby Mats

There is nothing more magnificent than holding your newborn in your arms, seeing him smile, or watching him discover and learn something new each passing day. Yet the string of challenges that parenting entails can be equally overwhelming. One such challenge is the diaper changing duty which many parents struggle with. 

As parents, many of us don’t agree on the need for a nappy changing mat for your baby. Using a reusable plastic baby mat might seem like a convenient and cheaper alternative for nappy changing mats, however, let us stop you right there. There are some great and essential benefits of using disposable changing pads for your baby. Not only does using disposable changing pads have great benefits but they are also essential for maintaining your baby’s hygiene.

Why are nappy changing mats essential?

Diaper changing pads play an essential role in establishing a healthy diaper changing routine. For all our first-timers who are struggling with changing diapers 10-12 times a day, these disposable changing pads are a blessing in disguise. Here’s why you should switch to nappy changing baby mats. 

  • Baby Mats provide a clean and hygienic space to change on while ensuring that the risk of catching germs or viruses is very less. 
  • These diaper changing pads are crafted from hypoallergenic, baby skin-friendly fabric to protect the skin from any rashes or irritation. They are soft and comfortable for the baby, unlike any other cloth or towel that can be rough against the baby's skin. 
  • The disposable changing mats help you handle the process of nappy changing much more easily and efficiently. Their one-time use and throw feature makes them convenient, safe, and hygienic to use and dispose of.
  • They are also a must-have item in your baby's diaper bag whenever you are on the move due to their portability. These nappy changing mats can be used anywhere and everywhere, and are easy to dispose of.

We suggest you go for the disposable version of these baby changing mats. Switch to every mother’s favorite,  the Dignity Disposable Baby Changing Mat, to make nappy changing duty just a little less lousy. Here’s why: 

  1. Super-Absorbent Core: Dignity Disposable Baby Mats are made of high-quality absorbent material which absorbs fluid faster, keeping the baby dry and comfortable, also reducing the chances of spill accidents.
  2. Extra Soft Top Sheet: During diaper changes, a lot of the baby’s sensitive skin area is exposed. The extra soft top sheet of Dignity Baby Changing Mat is gentle on the baby’s skin. They are crafted from hypoallergenic fabric that keeps allergies and infections at bay. 
  3. Unique Quilted Pattern Design: The Unique quilted pattern design of the Dignity Baby Changing Mats helps in even absorption of the fluid, thus preventing the chances of any leakages or spills. Don’t we all wish for our little munchkins to be safe and secure at all times? So this is a very important detail to consider before making your purchase.
  4. Baby Disposable Mat: Dignity Baby Changing Mats are disposable diaper changing pads that are very easy to use and dispose of. They can be reused until dirty. However, for hygiene reasons, it is advisable to throw them after single use. These are a much hygienic and safer option when compared to their reusable plastic counterparts.
  5. Waterproof Back Sheet: We certainly don’t want your expensive linens to get soiled due to any leakages or spills. The waterproof back sheet prevents fluids from seeping through the mat which averts any unfortunate accidents.
  6. Portable: A parent’s nappy changing duty is never-ending. For those on-the-go parents, who have to fulfill the diaper changing duty outside the house, a trusty, disposable diaper changing pad is your lifesaver. You never know where we will have to change your baby. You can at least be rest assured to have a clean, soft surface at your disposal. You can easily stash the Dignity Baby Changing Mat in your diaper bag. 
  7. Multipurpose: Dignity Baby Changing mats are multipurpose. They not only help during diaper changes but can also be used during massage. They can be placed in the cribs, strollers, diaper changing stations, or on the bed before placing the baby to ensure a safe, secure and hygienic area. These can be used as mess mats as well as burp cloths. 

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