Why is everyone talking about Romsons Air Bubble Mattress?

Air bubble mattresses are basically anti-bedsore air mattresses that are used to provide relief to people suffering from back pain and protect them against bedsores or pressure ulcers by lowering the friction between the bed and the patient. These mattresses are made in a way so that they are able to easily accommodate people of varied body shapes, sizes, and weights. 

Romsons is one such brand that has one of the best air beds for patients in India. 

Nosor- Air Bubble Bed Sore Prevention Kit

NOSOR Mattress from Romsons is a highly recommended anti-bedsore air mattress for bed-ridden patients and is suitable for any kind of hospital bed frame. 

The mattress allows sufficient flow of blood to all the tissues and reduces the pressure on blood vessels, thereby aiding in a faster healing process.

This easy to operate, entirely portable & lightweight motor pad comprises 130 bubble cells. The sleek motor pump operates at a very low sound level. The pad, on the other hand, can be cleaned using a disinfectant solution. 

Sorenil - Air Bubble Mattress with Pump & Repair Kit

This sore prevention kit by Romsons comprises a mattress and pump (an air pump is a vital component of a mattress) and a fixed hook and air filter on the bottom of the pump. 

The alternating inflation and deflation of cells constantly change the pressure which does wonders in preventing and relieving pain from the sore spots. The variable pressure, on the other hand, offers a precise flow of air and a proper blood flow that prevents the re-occurrence of sores. 

Besides providing great relief to the skin, this anti-bedsore air mattress also ensures that an individual gets maximum comfort and restful sleep. 

This highly effective sore prevention kit can be fixed on the bed by the extra flaps on the top and bottom sides, making it an ideal air bubble bedsore prevention kit for use in both home and healthcare centres.  

The Romsons Sorenil Pressure Mattress also has an LED On and Off switch as well as a rotary dial that lets you set the desired level of pressure. 

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