Why is the Second Trimester Considered A Honeymoon Period?

Why is the Second Trimester Considered A Honeymoon Period?

Hello our new moms-to-be! If you have found your way to this blog, we are assuming you are either transitioning to your second trimester or very close to the transition. First off, congratulations you have made it this far. We understand it was not easy adjusting to so many changes in and outside your body. Although the roller coaster ride has not ended yet, you can relax a bit now that you are about to or have entered the second phase of your pregnancy. Hurrah on that!!

Second trimester is also popularly referred to as the “honeymoon period” of pregnancy. The span of 13 to 26 weeks is the time most moms-to-be start feeling better than what they have felt in a while. First trimester for many women comes with its own set of challenges thanks to the hormonal changes your body is witnessing and a crazy surge of progesterone to support your pregnancy. The onset of the second trimester brings in a lot of relief for many mamas-to-be.

The second trimester is the time of mental and emotional if not physical peace you have been looking for in the past few weeks. It is a time where symptoms like nausea, mood swings, fatigue may start to tone down a bit for many pregnant ladies. You may also start getting your energy levels and appetite back. It is also a special time as you start witnessing your baby’s growth thanks to the high tech ultrasound machines.

Let us dig a little deeper to understand why the Second Trimester is celebrated as the ‘Honeymoon Period’.

The morning sickness and dizziness you were facing for a very long time may come down, providing you a much needed relief. Second trimester is the time of  evolution for you and your child. Around this time your fetus grows from around 3.5 inches to around 9 inches, roughly we can say from the size of a peach to the size of lettuce. While you begin a journey to weight gain!

Second trimester is  understanding the essence of motherhood while switching back to your daily routine. While energy levels are comparatively coming up, use this time to research, make shopping lists, make a birth plan and plan your nursery. Having sex or not is the biggest dilemma during pregnancy. Hormones will retrieve your sex drive by increasing the blood flow throughout your pelvic region. However, still consult your doctor to make sure there are no complications whatsoever.

Around 16 to 20 weeks, immense changes occur in the fetus including development in the facial expressions including frowns and squints, sucking and swallowing, development in the nervous system, hearing abilities and so on. This is also the time when many women may start to feel light baby movements also known as Quickening. This however is subjective and differs from one pregnancy to another. Second-time mothers are usually said to have experienced Quickening faster than first time mums.

Appetite makes a comeback and how! This is the time when you’d feel hungry. Load your house with healthy snacks and refrain from eating too much junk if possible. Second trimester comes with lots of weight gain and it  increases fluid and blood supply in the body. Many women complain of backaches or swollen hands and feet also known as edema. A common mantra for all, stay active but keep your feet rested on a raised surface whenever possible. This would not only help keep a check on edema but also provide you relief from the wretched backaches. Doctors usually allow light workouts around the second trimester including yoga, walking and jogging. Use this time to stay fit and healthy before it gets late.

Second trimester is also the time when your doctor might give you a heads up on traveling. Use this time to enjoy with your partner before the baby comes. The much celebrated babymoons you see popping up on social media are usually taken around this time as it is somewhat the safest period to travel in your pregnancy.

Every pregnancy is different and every pregnancy comes with its own set of challenges and joys. The idea is not to compare your journey, the size of your bump or your symptoms with another. Every mom is different and every child’s growth curve is different. We highly recommend you use this time to relax, workout a little, read books and most importantly catch up on your SLEEP! Did you know that your baby starts hearing you around this time? It’s time to make him/her listen to some music and make your partner talk to them. This is the best time to develop a bond between your partner and your baby.

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